28 May 2007


I saw you today
saw your face that i wished to see for a long time
remembered your smile .. your sweet words
your being funny and always there for us
you know when faces
don't mean anything anymore?
it become just shapes ...
not good ..not bad ..just shapes
when you look at your face at the mirror
and you dont feel anything
it doesn't make any sense anymore?
But today your face meant alot to me
i needed to see it
needed to feel you are still there ..
needed to make one more conversation with you
needed to hear you ..
and to know your attitude
since i knew i won't see you anymore
i started to worry what if i forgot your face
what if it will be a time sometime ...
may be long or short ..
but it will be time till you are forgotten
till you become someone at the past
But i discovered that
you will always be in our hearts
and we will not forget about you
we will never ever do
even if it will be with dreams and wishes
our last conversation you were joking
and you were telling me that
one day you will go
and that i will miss you
and i was laughing so much
and said ( hehe..noway )
i didn't think about your words
and didn't take it seriously
but you left anyway
maybe you were too good to stay
so you left to a better place
i'm not worried about you .. i just miss you
Take care

10 May 2007


It's Madness

To hate all roses
Because got scratched with one thorn..
To give up on your dreams

Because one didn't come true..
To give up on your efforts

Because one of them failed..
To condemn all your friends

Because one betrayed you..
Not to believe in love

Because one wasn't faithfullor didn't love you back..
To throw away all your chances to be Happy

Because you didn't succeed on the first attempt..
Remember Always..
Another chance may come up..

Another friend..
A new love..
A renewed strenght..
Be persistent..
Look for Happiness in everywhere..
The sure path of failure is to give up !

It's often through failure that Future success comes